NFI Application

Nashville film institute

the NFI Online Application.

You need to create a user and password before completing the NFI application. This is the first step. The entire application package includes:

  1. Online Application (to be completed here)
  2. For Diploma Program Only: Proof of high school graduation or equivalent (GED. Acceptable documents to fulfill this requirement are: 1) High School transcript, 2) Proof of GED completion with test scores, or 3) College transcripts. Please request that these mailed directly to NFI as soon as possible (address is listed below), or your Application will remain on hold.
  3. $100.00 Registration Fee (non-refundable). (you will have an option to pay this via PayPal upon completing the Online Application).
  4. Ready to start? Click Here.

Request your transcripts or GED completion scores be mailed directly to:
Nashville Film Institute
500 Lafayette Street
Building A
Nashville, TN 37203